Compiling Vim with modern features

I prefer the most updated version of vim these days. First, you must make sure that you have installed the required dependencies for building.

$ apt install \
    libx11-dev \

Disable ssh-agent in Xfce

While switching from ssh-agent itself to GnuPG's ssh-agent capabilities, I had to prevent ssh-agent from starting when logging into Xfce. It seems the only way to do this is with the following command:

$ xfconf-query -c xfce4-session -p /startup/ssh-agent/enabled -n -t bool -s false

Bluetooth Headset on Debian

I had some trouble connection my new Teufel Rockster XS (actually not a headset but a portable speaker) with my Debian notebook. Pairing worked without any problem but connection to the audio sink of the speaker -- to actually stream audio to the device -- returned the error:

Connection Failed: blueman.bluez.errors.DBusFailedError: Protocol Not available