From time to time I stumble upon interesting resources on the web. Often these become part of my "utility belt": I use them quite regularly for reference or they are small little helper programs that make my life a lot easier.

I know that browsers provide bookmarks to keep references to these resources but I don't find these very useful. Ironically, it is too easy to bookmark, so my bookmark list became flooded over time. And it is too difficult to get an overview of the bookmark. At the same time, there is no way to share them. (Thinking of it, probably this would make a cool online service...)

So, this is my humble attempt to structure these resources a bit.






Node.js / TypeScript / JavaScript

  • nvm for managing node.js versions interactively


Backup and Sync

  • Syncthing is a great tool for keeping multiple machines in sync: securely and distributed. It even offers a (limited) option for versioning.